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What to do with the Piano when downsizing

If often get asked, “We are downsizing and don’t have room for the piano, but no one seems to want it!”    I received another email in the last few days from a downsizer asking “what do I do with the piano”. Piano’s, organs and pianolas can be the most challenging items to find new homes…
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How often should you change your bed sheets?

Don’t you love it when there are fresh sheets on your bed?  I was changing my sheets over the weekend, I try to change them every week but sometimes it stretches out to nearly 2 weeks. Have you ever wondered how often you should change your sheets? Well, conveniently, just came across this article from…
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The art of downsizing and decluttering

It’s always pleasing to be quoted in print.  Check out this recent article on downsizing and decluttering in Australian Unity Autumn mag and what I say … Some people are more emotionally attached to things than others, and if grief of loss are involved it can be a lot harder.  If you can’t make decisions,…
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Helping Ruby move from her Retirement Unit to Aged Care

We regularly help clients move from their home to aged care.  During March-April we helped Ruby move from her retirement unit to a lovely aged care room at Cumberland View in Wheelers Hill. Ruby (name changed for privacy purposes) was lucky that she was able to move within the same complex as Cumberland View is…
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