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Mary's Blog » Aged Care or retirement

Home sorting - a family affair

Occasionally I realise how lucky I am to run a business I love – I get to meet great people & work with fabulous clients … I went to do a quote for a new client last week (Ivanhoe) & we realised I had previously assisted his brother when he was sorting out the estate of…
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Amazing Client Result

We regularly achieve great sales results for clients, but every now & then we are amazed. Recently we worked on a property (unit) in Blackburn & it sold at an amazing $200k above reserve. Although the property needed work, we worked with the furniture within the home, adding softness & touches, rearranging furniture to demonstrate…
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Beware - shopping at Aldi can be dangerous?

Seriously, lately I have been assisting clients with extreme clutter & there are some common denominators, one being Aldi – Flat pack furniture Bargains Gorgeous books Gifts for people Clothes Gadgets, tools All soon get lost in the piles of items in homes – gifts get misplaced & never given to those intended So much…
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