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Is the Camberwell Sunday Market on your TO DO List?

I am so proud to be part of Balwyn Rotary which runs the Camberwell Sunday Market. As well as being a great place to spend a Sunday morning, it enables Balwyn Rotary & Boroondara Council (through the Boroondara Grants Program) to inject significant money back into community projects each year (locally & internationally).  Each Sunday…
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Selling stuff

I receive lots of inquiries regularly from families and executors about selling household contents. Contrary to TV shows that seem to indicate everything that is old is of value, it is not, and it is not necessarily an easy task to sell items.  Time and patience helps, but if you have a tight schedule to…
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Giving where we can

As well as working hard, in the last few months all sorters has been giving: Assisted a client in Richmond in October & November 2013 who was the victim of elder abuse.  We helped her move to her new home with a friend in Malvern, sort out her possessions & clear & clean the property…
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Interesting Article in The Age on Freecycle

I’ve been a member of Freecycle for a couple of years now, part of the Balwyn Group.  I often give items away via freecycle & occasionally get free boxes (for my charity donations). “Freecycle is an international network of online hyper-local groups that aim to keep reusable things out of landfill by keeping useful goods…
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