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Mary’s Downsizing Advice & Tips

We spend most of our lives upsizing (when we take most of what we own with us). So the experience of downsizing is usually a new journey for most & will involve farewelling lots of items. Write down your reasons for downsizing & when you hit “roadblocks” revisit your reasons and goals to get you…
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Home sorting - a family affair

Occasionally I realise how lucky I am to run a business I love – I get to meet great people & work with fabulous clients … I went to do a quote for a new client last week (Ivanhoe) & we realised I had previously assisted his brother when he was sorting out the estate of…
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Elder abuse does happen!

I recently read this article on ABC 7.30: SABRA LANE, PRESENTER: It’s awful to hear stories where elderly people are taken advantage of by the people they trust, but it’s worse when it’s at the hands of their own family.  Elder abuse is on the rise and what’s being called “inheritance impatience” is leading to…
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Farewelling the family home

Moving on can be overwhelming for anyone at any stage in their lives, but for those facing a downsizing moving, it can be especially daunting … Many of my clients have lived in their homes for decades, some over 50 years.  So it’s not surprising that it is an emotional and challenging time for them and their…
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Selling stuff

I receive lots of inquiries regularly from families and executors about selling household contents. Contrary to TV shows that seem to indicate everything that is old is of value, it is not, and it is not necessarily an easy task to sell items.  Time and patience helps, but if you have a tight schedule to…
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