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Hoarding Specialist

I am pleased to announce that I have added a third Specialist Certificate from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization USA – Hoarding The mission of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD) is to provide education, research and strategies to benefit people challenged by chronic disorganization. Why we keep stuff is often fascinating & when Hoarding…
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Mary's Garage Sale Tips

Garage Sales are a great way to declutter and pass on items you no longer need.  This time of year is a great time to hold a Garage Sale and, if you have never done it before, here are my tips for running a successful garage sale: Advertise online, e.g. gumtree & garage sale sites…
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ABC Life Matters - Dealing with our parent's stuff

I was a guest last Thursday morning on ABC Life Matters radio segment with Amanda Smith. Lots of callers, lots of stories from people dealing with family stuff. The importance of “story telling” through what we keep from our parent’s home ….     Mary J Harnan BBus, 3a home sorting specialist Aging Specialist, ICD  |…
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A special thank you

I often get some lovely thank you’s from clients.  Earlier this year I received an email from a client I had helped that really touched my heart – “Hi Mary, thanks for all of your effort. It is much appreciated. You are probably one of the few people who really understood how much work and how…
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Overwhelmed with stuff?

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with stuff, maybe it’s time to take the first steps to tackling it? Many of us find that it can be overwhelming to look at what we need to sort, tidy up or declutter as a whole So separate what needs to be done either by room, or tasks…
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