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It's all about the "sorting"

If you’re trying to get decluttered and organised, it’s all about the sorting …. and SORTING is all about making decisions … and we all know that making decisions can be hard and at times confronting. SO: Don’t just put your stuff away, sort it and decide whether to retain, sell, donate or toss items. Then, what…
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Giving stuff to family

I regularly help people who are moving on, downsizing, rightsizing A recurring theme is their desire to pass items on to family & friends.  Often this overrides their needs & they are fixated on giving to family! So this story from the Washington Post peaked my interest   Mary, allsorters

The ultimate declutter

Sadly, allsorters often sort & pack up the homes for the estate or family after a loved one has upgraded to heaven Many might consider this a sad task but we are honoured to step in & sort out the home & possessions with grace & respect As we sort through possessions, I often feel like…
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Clearing a house ... be careful

If you’re sorting & clearing out a home, before you start – assess if you need protective clothing, shoes & good quality face masks be disciplined & systematic handball it to an organising specialist if you can’t face doing it or seem to be going “around in circles” We recently cleared out a home that was…
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