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Living estate in Greensborough - keen bidding at auction

Happy client, happy life & in this case it was another great auction result & thus a very happy client

Downsizing for retirement:  In November, we sorted, refreshed & presented this unit for sale in Greensborough for a family whose father had moved into aged care.

Presentation Tips successfully applied:

  • Give each room a pop of colour – whether from cushions, wall art, etc
  • Presenting a room can be done on a limited budget – use what you have, books can even be used effectively if grouped & stacked correctly
  • Art can set a tone for a room so remove dreary, sad or depressing art.  If needed, rehang or re-arrange wall art.

We also –

  • cleared the property in preparation for settlement (mid-February)
  • sold items, items went to auction, donated mega boxes to charity, found homes for many many tools ….

Happy sorting … Mary, the allsorter, home sorting specialist

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