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Moving to Aged Care

allsorters aged care serviceMoving can be overwhelming for any one at any age or life stage, but when making a significant life change, such as downsizing and moving to an aged care residence, it can be especially overwhelming, both physically and emotionally for everyone involved (i.e. for the person moving as well as for family and loved ones), especially if saying goodbye to the family home after many decades.

Change is seldom easy, nor is it easy to farewell a loved home, the lifetime of possessions within and associated memories, but as we age our needs change, “life happens” and the home may now be too large, too isolated, too expensive to maintain, have too much stuff to manage and/or take too much effort to look after, so, sadly, reality steps in.  This can be a challenging time and move, family dynamics can get strained and keeping focussed on priorities is a must.  Be kind to yourself and your loved ones and please do not under-estimate how physically and mentally overwhelming it can be. 

As well as deciding on a new home that provides the level of support and care now needed, lots of decisions will be required to plan the move and deal with the lifetime of possessions accumulated.  We currently live in an “age of abundance of stuff”, where most of us can buy what we want when we need it, thus many of our homes are overflowing with stuff, making a move to aged care quite daunting.  

Most of our lives we have upsized, so we are not necessarily experienced at downsizing.  Not surprisingly, one of the biggest reasons people say they can’t downsize, is dealing with everything they own. 

Although it is not easy, the key is to find a way to move forward.  So, realistically –

  • Where do you start?  
  • How to plan it all, get it done and achieve deadlines?
    • What if you physically can’t do it all?
    • Availability of family or loved ones to help?
    • Will you need professional assistance like allsorters?
    • Realistically, what will it cost?
  • Clarifying goals and priorities, keeping on track and coming to terms with the transition 
    • Setting out a timeline – the move, sale of house, settlement
    • Where to maximise your time for greatest return
    • If selling the family home, how to make it sparkle for sale (maximising the sale price, whilst minimising costs)
  • Identifying what to take and what must go
    • Favourites (must haves, what you love)
    • Functional items (what you currently use and what will support you in your new lifestyle)
    • Farewelling what must go (give, sell, donate, toss)
  • Getting it all done
    • Packing, moving, unpacking
    • Sorting what’s left – items to be sold, recycled, donated or disposed of
    • Refreshing and presenting the property for sale to maximise its sale price

allsorters specialise in assisting senior adults in their third age and their families – allsorters aged care help sometimes our clients have no family to assist them, sometimes our clients just need a little guidance to get on the right track, sometimes their family maybe remote or time poor.  

We are all unique and thus no client or home is the same, so we provide a customised service to meet your specific needs.  Don’t lose sight of what is important – sadly, often families find it hard to focus on settling their loved one into their new home because they are too busy sorting out what’s left behind in the home.

For carers on this journey with a loved one, it is also a challenging time to ensure your loved one’s safety, health, welfare and emotional needs, while also helping them to settle in and embrace their new lifestyle.

It’s a huge job sorting an entire home.  With our service, you can concentrate on yourself or your loved one, while knowing we are doing what needs to be done to achieve your best interests.  Alternatively if you need just a little assistance and guidance, ask about our Downsizing Planning Consultation ($250-$295).

To discuss your needs and how we can help, contact Mary

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