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Senior Adults Decluttering and Downsizing

Are you feeling overwhelmed with stuff?  Do you have piles of stuff around your home?

Do you have rooms that have evolved into storage or even junk rooms over time?

Are your cupboards so full it feels like it is life threatening or even scary to open them?  

Are you surprised by how much you have? 

Do your clothes fit in your wardrobe? 

Do you find it hard to let stuff go?

Do you keep adding more furniture to put more stuff in?

Are you worried that your home is no longer a healthy home for you to age in?

Are you living the way you want?

Are you considering downsizing but need help?

If you have accumulated a lot of stuff over many years, you are not alone.  There are many reasons we end up with too much stuff –

  • Emotionally connected to items and failing to let stuff go
  • Buying more and more over recent years
  • Intending to sell stuff, but never actually doing it
  • Bad habits and lack of systems
  • Poor space planning – thinking you can squeeze more in
  • Physically unable to tidy up and clear stuff
  • Looking after other people’s stuff (children’s, inheritances, loved ones)
  • Life event – such as a move, accident, loss of a loved one
  • Keeping items “just in case’ (interestingly, it seems this is the largest reason people keep stuff)
  • Failing to clear items regularly

We are living in an age of an abundance of stuff and thus many of us are constantly tempted to buy items and the latest gadgets!  Never before has so much been available for us to buy whenever we want it.  If you are overwhelmed with what you have accumulated, your may wonder “how did it happen”, “how do I deal with it”, “where do I start”?

As we age it can be even more challenging, as each year provides the opportunity to accumulate more stuff, what I call “lots of life stuff” – thus decluttering can seem more overwhelming as we age.

The key is how we think about our stuff, why we keep what we do and whether we can let what we no longer need go.  Once we understand our motivations and thinking, we can then focus on how to change these thoughts so that we can let what we no longer need or what has no value in our lives go more easily!

Mary of allsorters specialises in working with senior adults in their third age (60+), who are further along their life journey and have had longer to accumulate stuff, possibly an inability to “tidy up” and maybe confused about where to start.  She helps clients to sort, declutter, de-own, downsize, organise and farewell items using her 3F’s – Functional, Favourites & Farewell

  • For easier and safer living
  • To regain & maintain control
  • To rebalance, refocus, refresh & relove your home
  • To effectively plan a downsizing move
  • To sort Lots of Life Stuff (LOLS) 
  • To make tough decisions about what to retain (functional and favourites) and what to let go (farewell)
  • To identify & understand issues stopping decisions being made
  • To prepare homes for sale to maximise their sale price (minimum cost for maximum result)
  • To look at habits and change behaviours going forward

Where to start?  

  • We are all unique, love different things and have our own life experiences – so identifying key motivators, priorities and goals is essential
  • Identifying what to keep and& what to let go can be overwhelming (sell, give, toss)
  • Understand that some people need help getting sorted while others can do it themselves
  • Accepting that life is not about perfection, our lives are fluid
  • In the end it’s only stuff, but it’s your stuff!

Wherever you are on your life journey, being organised is not about perfection, it’s about finding the right balance for you and your space to support you in your current lifestyle.

No one should have so much stuff that they spend more time taking care of it than they do of themselves or their loved ones

If you feel a little overwhelmed with “stuff”, feel that your home is unsafe because of too much stuff, need help downsizing or preparing a property for sale, either –

  • get decluttering yourself (check out our decluttering tips)
  • ask a family member or a friend to help
  • or get professional assistance –
    • contact Mary –
      • if you need help for yourself or a loved one who is chronically disorganised or believe Hoarding Disorder maybe involved
      • for a free 10 minute telephone consultation about your situation
      • to book a session to get started

It is easy to underestimate the physical and emotional effects of decluttering …  clearing the past to set up your new life …

Look out for my page on hoarding (coming soon)

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