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Downsizing to retirement or independent living

downsizing-moving-retirement-melbourneretirement-service-melbourne-allsorters-seniors-declutteringMoving can be overwhelming for any one at any age or life stage, so it is hardly surprising that for anyone considering a significant life change, possibly downsizing, moving to a smaller home or retirement, lifestyle or independent living, it can be physically and emotionally challenging, particularly if saying goodbye to the family home after many decades

Change is seldom easy and making decisions about what we can take and what we must let go can be tough emotionally.  If you can’t face the thought of downsizing because of your stuff, you are not alone – one of the biggest hurdles for many is dealing with everything they own.  Most of our lives we have upsized, so downsizing is a new experience.  Add to this the fact that each year we have lived has provided the opportunity to accumulate more possessions, thus as we age it can be more physically and mentally challenging to let stuff go and keep our possessions organised –

  • Stuff may come into homes yet little goes out
  • Possibly a loss of habits or inability to change habits as we age (e.g. lack of tidying up, failing to reduce the food we buy, etc)
  • Changing times, i.e. we live in an age of abundance, a “gadget for everything”, and most of us can buy what we want when we want it 
  • Feeling emotionally connected to items makes it more difficult to let them go …

So if you have a lot of stuff, you will need to get sorting so you deal with it asap to to ensure you downsize effectively to achieve your goals –

  • What to take with you?  
  • Developing a Transition Plan to focus on your priorities
  • Who to trust?
  • How to farewell and let items go?  What are your options?  How to decide?
  • How to come to terms with it all? 
  • Where to start, how to get it all done? 
  • How to focus on what is truly important – you and ageing fabulously …

Please do not underestimate how challenging downsizing can be, the physical and mental input required nor the importance of planning what is involved.  Decluttering and letting items go is all about making decisions and when lots of decisions are needed, that’s when it can become overwhelming.

Mary of allsorters regularly assists clients with – 

  • Developing a timeline for the move (including preparing the house for sale & settlement)
  • Identifying –
    • what to take – what suits your new lifestyle in your new home
    • what to let go – sorting home & contents into Functional, Favourites or Farewell items (Mary’s 3F’s)
  • Small moves – packing, moving, unpacking
  • Presenting the property for sale to maximise its sale price
  • Preparing the property for settlement

Our ultimate goal is to ensure you are equipped to enjoy your new lifestyle = your health, happiness & welfare

It’s can be a huge & expensive task sorting out an entire home – by using our service, you can concentrate on settling into your new home while we do what needs to be done to achieve your best interests in line with your budget

For those who just need a little assistance, we can provide one-on-one assistance or assist by putting together a plan

If you or a loved one is downsizing to independent or retirement living, contact Mary to discuss your needs, the level of care required & our consultation package ($295 +GST)

Mary specialises in working with third age clients & their families

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