Preparing your home for sale can be a huge task …
If you don’t have much time and can’t afford Shayna Blaze, here are my 5 Easy and Low-Cost Tips that won’t cost you too much, just some time and effort:

  1. decluttered bedroomRemove “fodder”.  Most of us have a level of stuff in our homes that we won’t need when we move on.  Removing fodder is an  “easy declutter”. Broken stuff, unneeded stuff, superseded stuff, mystery stuff.  So clear that now.
  2. Rearrange furniture to make rooms look as spacious as possible.  Remove any unnecessary furniture and window treatments.  Let the light in!  Ensure potential buyers can move easily in and between rooms and can easily see where they can put all their stuff.
  3. Organise your storage spacewardrobes, cupboards.  They don’t have to be empty or perfect, but if potential buyers see organised cupboards, they will feel the home is easy to live in and keep organised!
  4. Make sure your home sparkles and smells great!  If you can’t afford a cleaning team for your whole house, then do the easier stuff (dust and vacuum) and get help for the windows and wet areas.  (Only do the cleaning once the decluttering and rearranging has been done.)
  5. Ensure each room has a “pop of colour” and a “delight for the eye”. Maybe invest in some fab cushions for the main beds, couches, some soft towels, some fresh linen.  You don’t need to go overboard price wise, you can get some great stuff in discount stores such as Kmart, Target and Big W.  Plus you can take it with you to your new home!

Oh, and don’t forget the wall art.  Often it is hung too high and there is too much of it cluttering the walls.  Remove any naughty or depressing art, and minimise personal photos.
I often feel that one of the key reasons to declutter pre-sale is so that potential buyers can see where they can put all their stuff!
Good luck, happy sorting
Mary, allsorters

Mary J Harnan BBus, 3a home sorting specialist
Aging Specialist, ICD  |  CD Specialist, ICD  |  Hoarding Specialist, ICD  | Expert Member AAPO 
Based in Balwyn North, Vic, I have sorted 100’s of homes & helped 100’s of senior adults & their families.   I regularly speak about 3a decluttering, smart downsizing and farewelling the family home.