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Fab feedback re 3a Decluttering

Some great feedback from my presentation on Third Age (3a) Decluttering at Vermont Library on 10 Sept – From the Library staff member:  Thanks again for an interesting and engaging presentation – we received some fantastic feedback, that I thought you would like to see Many practical suggestions, techniques to begin decluttering Good perspectives and pointers…
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Sixty is the New Sixty by David Solie

When I first started helping older senior adults declutter, sometimes it seemed they were so stubborn and often seemed to sidetrack into telling stories.  I didn’t quite get it until I read one of David Solie’s books. If you are ageing or have an ageing parent, I wanted to share his latest pdf (free) on…
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What to do with the Piano when downsizing

I am often asked, “We are downsizing, don’t have room for the piano, but no one seems to want it!”    I received another email in the last few days from a downsizer asking “what do I do with the piano”. Piano’s, organs and pianolas can be the most challenging items to find new homes for…
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