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What to do with the Piano when downsizing

If often get asked, “We are downsizing and don’t have room for the piano, but no one seems to want it!”    I received another email in the last few days from a downsizer asking “what do I do with the piano”. Piano’s, organs and pianolas can be the most challenging items to find new homes…
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Selling stuff when leaving the family home??

If you are farewelling the family home, you may be overwhelmed by what needs to go and working out what is sellable and what is not.  We get many inquiries each week from families and executors in this regard. Contrary to TV shows that suggest that everything that is old is of value, it is…
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Is your stuff an accessory to your Life? or ....

When life challenges us with decluttering and letting stuff go, it is important to understand that we will be faced with lots of decisions and …  decisions can be hard Get into the right mindset so that you make the best decisions for yourself is essential Have a goal, a motivation, a visual of what…
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Happy clients, happy life!

I love it when I receive special emails from clients … “Hello Mary, Once again thanks for the splendid job of work that you did for me. I have received an invitation to a presentation that you are giving to Ryman Healthcare. I telephoned them to report that I had received absolutely magic service from you….
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