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Fab feedback re 3a Decluttering

Some great feedback from my presentation on Third Age (3a) Decluttering at Vermont Library on 10 Sept – From the Library staff member:  Thanks again for an interesting and engaging presentation – we received some fantastic feedback, that I thought you would like to see Many practical suggestions, techniques to begin decluttering Good perspectives and pointers…
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Does Marie Kondo bring you joy?

Does Marie Kondo bring you joy? The recent explosion of Marie Kondo in the media due to her Netflix series and book the Art of Tidying Up has raised a growing issue in our society – the accumulation of stuff. But will keeping only what brings you joy, actually “bring you joy”? Let’s look at…
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Is your Wardrobe set up for your coming years?

Easy to use and organised wardrobes make life easier for us each day but, as we age, the key activities of daily living may become more challenging (bathing, dressing, feeding), so we need to set ourselves up to make these activities as easy as possible.  An easy-to-use and well organised wardrobe is a definite “must”….
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You don't have to be a minimalist to be organised ...

As many of us realise, “Hoarding” is a complex issue and is an acknowledged disorder.  Many of us may struggle with too much stuff and and we may refer to it as “hoarding”.  A few years ago I assisted a gentleman who said I “dehoarded” him! I was recently asked to comment on the issue on…
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