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Extreme Decluttering when Downsizing - Start with the easy

I am regularly asked by downsizers who are overwhelmed with rooms full of stuff, “where do I start”? My reply is “Start with the easy” or “start with what you know” It is tempting to start with the hard stuff such as items you are emotionally connected to, your favourite things, maybe items loved ones…
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Happy clients, happy life!

I love it when I receive special emails from clients … “Hello Mary, Once again thanks for the splendid job of work that you did for me. I have received an invitation to a presentation that you are giving to Ryman Healthcare. I telephoned them to report that I had received absolutely magic service from you….
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Can you have too many shoes?

Can you have too many shoes? I usually start my speaking engagements with asking this simple question.  I get quite a reaction – usually laughter and lots of YESES! I often see shoes that make me feel sad – Maybe a little worn & forgotten at the back of wardrobes to deteriorate & get dusty? Maybe…
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