clearing-a-house-booksAs we sort & clear houses, we come across lots & lots of books – somewhere between 50 to 500 kg of books can be in each house (maybe 10-50+ boxes) – that’s a lot of books & they can be heavy – old books, new books, worn books, technical books, old school books.
It takes lots of boxes just to pack the books.  Possibly the boxes are worth more than the books?
Be careful if you are sorting & clearing books –

  • don’t use large boxes as they will be far too heavy – you don’t want to damage your back
  • likewise be careful moving, stacking or loading & unloading them
  • if you are keeping some books, ensure you sort before packing & label the boxes

Reality check re books:

  • There is a limited 2nd hand dealer market for books – very few even sell at garage sales, so it can be quickest & easiest to donate them
  • Occasionally books can be sold, but they must be old & rare – probably best to take them to an auction house such as Youngs in Camberwell for their advice
  • Check sold section on Ebay to see what types of old books or magazines are selling
  • Some op shops & charities will welcome your donations of books, however, they will not want damaged books, old school/technical books or encyclopedias

When sorting and clearing a house, allsorters regularly donate lots of boxes of books to charities on behalf of our clients.
Happy sorting … Mary, the allsorter