Client Journeys

allsorters are home sorting, decluttering and downsizing specialists for senior adults in their third age (and their families, loved ones and representatives)

Below is a selection of some of our client journeys over the years.  Although each of our clients is unique and special, there are often some common parallels …

Moving to aged care (June 2020)

In June 2020, we assisted a lovely gentleman (originally from Sri Lanka) to move to the Weary Dunlop Retirement Village in Wheelers Hill.

This was a very challenging move for our client as it was during the pandemic lockdown which meant none of my team were able to enter the facility.  Nevertheless, we assisted him to identify and pick what he was taking and then get it all packed and moved.  He then needed to undertake quarantine in the care facility.

His wife had moved to the Village several months prior and, as they had no children, his Power of Attorney (POA) who was a close family friend was overwhelmed with everything that was left in the home, particularly as the home now needed to be sold.

We helped the POA become comfortable with the process and we got to sorting, clearing and cleaning his lovely home in Wheelers Hill in preparation for the stager to finish the final step in getting the home ready for sale.  After it was sold, there was nothing for us to do pre-settlement as we had sorted and dealt with all their possessions pre-sale, it was just the stager who had to remove all their styling stock and furniture.

Move to aged care and then preparing the house for sale (2014)

After sorting his Aunt Mable’s home in Reservoir earlier that year (she had moved to aged care), we were asked to look after the second home for this family – a lovely unit in Epping which belonged to his Aunt Nelly who was moving to the same aged care home in Preston to be with her sister Mable.

The unit needed some major sorting, clearing and then presentation. Special care was needed as Aunt Nelly was a little confused about what was going on.  We set aside some items for her review – clothes, jewellery, paperwork – but not too much that it would overwhelm her.

Once the unit was sold, we undertook to get the unit cleared for settlement.  We assessed furniture value, and as insufficient to warrant cost of getting items to auction, we sold several items via Ebay/Gumtree, donated many more and cleared remaining items responsibly for settlement.

At each stage we kept Nelly’s nephew in Queensland updated via email.

(Note, names changed to protect privacy)

Deceased estate house clearance, Melbourne

Within a very short timeframe in February 2014 we were able to get a gorgeous little home in Richmond in a street just opposite the MCG ready for settlement.

Beneficiaries had taken their bequests, Swan St auctions purchased some furniture items and the lawyer handling the estate needed someone to manage the rest.

Allsorters were contacted based on a previous client’s recommendation to the real estate agent.

As there was a short timeframe to settlement, we quickly visited the property to provide a Fee Estimate and within a few hours were commissioned to get the property ready for settlement.  With our team on site, we sorted the contents (including a very full garage), took charity donations to The Salvation Army (as requested in the will), we then toss, cleared and recycled what remained.  Lastly the property was given a thorough clean.  The property was ready within 2 days so that settlement could be finalized.

As usual, we provided the estate lawyer with daily updates on our work and details of relevant aspects, e.g. charity donations, photographs found and credited any money found.

Clearing a retirement unit

We were appointed by the executor of a deceased estate to clear outfarewell-to-a-loved-one the late owner’s retirement unit in Hawthorn.

Interesting few days as owner (Jane) had lead a fulfilling life and had been with the airforce in World War II – there was some fascinating memorabilia that needed to be sorted and retained for donation to the airforce archives.

As per Jane’s wishes, many items were donated to St Vinnies.  We think that Jane would be happy with the care with which we sorted her possessions.   RIP Jane …

(Note:  Name changed for privacy purposes)

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As each client we work with is unique (no individual, house or contents are ever the same), we set out an individual Action Plan to identify and thus satisfy needs and budget whilst maintaining our high quality standards.

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