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Client journeys

Below is a selection of clients we have helped.  Their journeys gives an overview of how unique they are, what we do, how flexible we are & how we add value …

Deceased estate service - fabulous auction result


deceased estate property – sorted & cleared by allsorters

We assisted an executor to get her late father’s home in Balwyn North ready for sale in early December 2013 – sorting, removing & repositioning furniture & making the home sparkle.

The property was auctioned the week before Xmas & achieved an absolutely amazing auction result.  $300k+ above reserve.

A very delighted client returned to her home in Europe to spend Xmas with her family.

We also prepared the property for settlement in mid-March.

Jenny, thank you for the champagne, have a safe trip home.

Sorting & clearing independent living units

estate-clearance-melbourneDuring May 2014, allsorters sorted & cleared two independent living units

  • one in Brighton East for a family who live in Brisbane
  • one in Hampton for the lawyer handling the estate

In both case we sorted …

  • donating mega items to charity
  • setting aside money, jewellery, papers, photos & other valuables for family/executorunit-cleared-by-allsorters
  • selling items where possible (whitegoods, furniture, crockery)
  • recycling or tossing what remained

As the daughter of Irish immigrants, Mary was delighted to look after Bridgitte’s possessions, many of them from her many visits to her birth country of Ireland

RIP Bridgitte

Moving to aged care


unit sorted & presented by allsorters

After organising his Aunt Margaret’s home in Reservoir earlier in the year, we were asked to look after the second home for this family – a lovely unit in Epping which belonged to his Aunt Nancy who was moving to the same aged care home in Preston to be with her sister.

The unit needed some major sorting, clearing & then presentation.  Special care was needed as Aunt Nancy was a little confused about what was going on.  We set aside some items for her review – clothes, jewellery, paperwork – but not too much that it would overwhelm her.

Once the unit was sold, we undertook to get the unit cleared for settlement.  We assessed furniture value, & as insufficient to warrant cost of getting items to auction, we sold several items via Ebay/Gumtree, donated many more & cleared remaining items responsibly for settlement in January 2014.

At each stage we kept Nancy’s nephew in Queensland updated via email.

Deceased estate house clearance, Melbourne


estate clearance – allsorters prepared this home for settlement

Within a very short timeframe in February 2014 we were able to get a gorgeous little home in Richmond in a street just opposite the MCG ready for settlement.

Beneficiaries had taken their bequests, Swan St auctions purchased some furniture items & the lawyer handling the estate needed someone to manage the rest.

All sorters were contacted based on a previous client’s recommendation to the real estate agent.

As there was a short timeframe to settlement, we quickly visited the property to provide a cost estimate & within a few hours were commissioned to get the property ready for settlement.  With our team on site, we sorted the contents (including a very full garage), took charity donations to The Salvation Army (as requested in the will), we then recycled & cleared what remained.  Lastly the property was given a thorough clean.  The property was ready within 2 days so that settlement could be finalized.

As usual, we provided the estate lawyer with daily updates on our status & details of relevant aspects, e.g. charity donations, photographs found & credited any money found.

Clearing a retirement unit


RIP Joan

We were appointed by the executor of a deceased estate to clear out the late owner’s retirement unit in Hawthorn.

Interesting few days as owner (Joan) had lead a fulfilling life – she had been with the airforce in World War II – there was some fascinating memorabilia that needed to be sorted & retained for donation to the airforce archives.

As per Joan’s wishes, many items were donated to St Vinnies.  We think that Joan would be happy with the care with which we sorted her possessions.

House sorted, cleared & presented for seniors downsizing

In July 2013, we were contacted by 2 lovely ladies whose friends had just moved to aged care.  Their friends had no children & any family they had were interstate.  These kind ladies had tried to deal with the house themselves but hadn’t got terribly far – they were overwhelmed by how much there was.  They needed our help to get the house ready to be sold asap.

our client's home was bursting with possessions

our client’s home & garage was bursting with possessions

As the health of the owners had deteriorated in recent years, & as happens with those who have lived impressive & full lives, the home, garden, garage & shed were bursting with possessions & years of memories.

We guided the ladies to focus on the main goals –

  • settling their friends into their new environment at their new home
  • ensuring they maximised their friends’ homes sale price

We then got to work clearing the home & garden & then cleaning & presenting the home to get it on the market asap.  We set aside relevant items for the owners review & had other items delivered to their new home.  While rearranging furniture & removing old wall units, we found many colours of paint & wallpaper, so had to repaint several walls.  Jeff, a very capable member of our team, was even able to get kitchen drawers & cupboards fixed that hadn’t worked properly in years.

The house presented very well &, after its successful sale, we then put together a plan to get the property ready for settlement.  We held a mega garage sale –classic-move-Lou & Kevin

  • Prior viewings for dealers
  • 3 staff assisting on the day
  • Takings of $2,800
  • Afterwards everything remaining was donated to the Kalorama/Mt Dandenong Fire Brigade for their Jumble Sale which happened at the end of October 2013

Assistance for seniors moving to aged care

In late January 2014, we sorted, refreshed & presented a home in Bentleigh for a delightful 80 year young couple who had just moved to aged care.


after allsorters

In a great location, this 5 bedroom home that had been owned by the family for many decades was in need of some major sorting.  The allsorters team got to it sorting, clearing, setting aside items for the family, arranging mega boxes of charity donations, cleaning windows, washing the exterior, rearranging furniture, removing unneeded furniture, & then presenting the home for sale.

The home was auctioned in early March achieving a sale price way above expectations.

Very happy clients & family.  Congratulations to Wendy, Herb & Hazel.

6-Apr-2014:  We were saddened to hear that “gentle giant” Herb had moved on to heaven.  He was sent off with a wonderful farewell service that started with the St Kilda theme song!  

RIP Herb

Family home sorted, refreshed & presented for sale ...

property-clean-up-service-melbourneIn November 2013, we prepared a unit for sale in Greensborough.  The owner (Dick) had moved to an aged care facility & his son & daughter-in-law were handling the property for him.

Very neat compact unit with massively overgrown rear garden.  We got the garden & house sorted. cleaned up & presented for sale.  Our clients were very happy with the result & the auction price.

After the sale, the family then reviewed items we had set aside for them – papers, jewellery & other sellable items.  Once they were finished, we cleared what remained, sold items & arranged donations to charity to finalise the property for settlement which was in February 2014.

Very appreciative family, wonderful to deal with.

Jane, thank you for the chocolates.

Downsizing to aged care - saying farewell to the family home

property-clean-up-melbourneAfter her father recently moved to aged care, Rosa & her family were faced with the task of handling everything that needed to be done to get the family home of 50+ years ready for sale.  The home was full of memories & over the years bedrooms had disappeared to become storage rooms.  The garden was a collection of amazing tools & farm equipment.

all sorters worked alongside Rosa to get the home sorted, cleaned, furniture rearranged & presented for sale, plus the garden trim & tidy.  It can be overwhelming for a family to sort through possessions & let them go.  We gently guided Rosa to what should be donated, tossed, what could be used to present the home & what should be retained to be

Situated on a large block in a central location in Reservoir, the home was in high demand by developers & those wishing to build their dream home.  Although in need of work, the home now presents as the much loved family home it has been, allows the family to take pride in their final farewell & ensures their father reaps the financial reward.

In the midst of all this, wonderful news with the family welcoming a new granddaughter.

The home was auctioned, achieving a great price, in early April 2014.

Move to aged care - downsizing, house clearance

In August-September 2013, we cleared a home in Reservoir in preparation for settlement:


piano sold & off to new home

  • We arranged for the contents to be sorted, packed, itemized & delivered to Youngs in Camberwell for auction
  • Remaining items were donated or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner
  • Fabulous old piano was sold (turn of the century) – unfortunately piano dealers were not interested, auction houses wouldn’t buy – often they can be difficult to sell due to costs & difficulty in moving – however, piano found a new home with a family in Ivanhoe

The home’s owner (Margaret) had moved to aged care in Preston earlier in 2013.  We were appointed by her nephew (who is based in Brisbane) to look after the property & prepare it for settlement.  Earlier in the year we had prepared the property for sale.

We were subsequently asked us to handle another property for his other aunt.

Home organising strategy

DonationsWe’re currently coaching a young professional mother to get her home and garage in Middle Park organised.

This talented young woman has many demands on her time, two bright children, a demanding job and wonderful lifestyle.  Very successful lady who has been overwhelmed by a lack of organisation in her household.

Mary met with her for 1-1/2 hours, discussed strategies and disciplines that would be appropriate to the family and then Mary put together a Home Organising Plan.  Our client is following the plan and we talk briefly each week to ensure we’re on track and to celebrate achievements.

Assistance with preparing property for sale

Chris had done a wonderful job with sorting out her mother’s unit in preparation for sale – her mother had recently moved to aged care.


property cleared & furniture sold

Chris had done most of the work, but was short of time as she was returning to her home in Los Angeles and the first open for inspection was only days away.

We assisted her with the final push to get the property ready for sale – sorting, making decisions, packing & refreshing the property for sale.

We then liaised with Chris via email to get the unit ready for settlement, i.e. selling remaining furniture, rubbish removal, then a very light clean.

(February 2014)

Deceased estate service - unit sorted, cleared & prepared for sale

In July 2013 we prepared a lovely unit in Surrey Hills for sale.  The elderly owner had upgraded to heaven & his legal team required our assistance:


after allsorters

  • Garden makeover (see before & after photos to right)
  • Home makeover – clearing, cleaning & presentation
  • Small handyman issues attended to
  • Money found ($19,500) returned to estate
  • Extremely successful sale result
  • Final house clearance was undertaken after property sold & beneficiaries had taken their items

“We have used all sorters to assist with the hands on tasks of dealing with preparing homes for executor’s actions, including cleaning, maintenance and presentation of homes for inspection. Mary and her team provide a friendly, sensitive and reliable service where no level of detail is overlooked.”  Grice Legal, Balwyn

Organising assistance for seniors downsizing

RE KitchenIn September 2013, we assisted a lady who was sorting, clearing & presenting her elderly parent’s home in Yarra Glen.  Although way outside the normal area we service, we were able to assist on this occasion.

We worked alongside her & her husband.  Her parents had accumulated a lot of items in the last few years – items that are difficult to sell (e.g. books).  We kept aside items of value that could be sold but it was easiest just to donate a lot to charity.  The local Op Shop wasn’t taking donations as it was full, so we were relieved that Diabetes Vic would pick up in Yarra Glen – we filled most of the truck.

The home presented beautifully.

Decluttering & presenting assistance for senior downsizing

decluttering-assistanceDuring January 2014, we provided one-on-one decluttering & presentation assistance to Bob of Balwyn North.   Our two days on site were quite an achievement as the temperature soared to over 40oC.

The home successfully sold at the end of February & Bob has moved to Tasmania to a beautiful home overlooking the water right next to his son’s home.

Fabulous result, best wishes Bob.

Cleared & sorted a legal office

office-clearoutIn November 2013, we assisted a lawyer who had moved suburbs & was setting up his office in his new home.

We assisted with packing & moving items to his new home office in Caulfield, then cleared what was left & gave the office a quick clean.

He handed us the keys, we took care of it all & then returned the keys to the landlord.

Decluttering, sorting, packing & storage assistance ...

packing-service-melbourneWe often assist clients with packing & storage.  In this case our client, a busy medical doctor had tragically lost his wife in her prime and his two grown daughters lived either interstate or overseas.  So we helped him get his home decluttered & packed up in preparation for sale.  A few weeks later I had an urgent call from him that he needed to locate his wife’s Will which he thought may have gone to storage.

I checked the storage manifest that we prepared & identified that 2 boxes of private papers went to storage.  It was actually in the 2nd box we looked in.  So drama averted!

His large estate sold & was settled at the end of March 2014.  We assisted him to clear the property pre-settlement.  We look forward to assisting him to set up his new home once he has found it!

Sorting & house clearing in preparation for sale

Sorted & cleared a large home in Lower Templestowe so that the real estate agent could then bring in her painters, cleaners & home stager.

We were appointed by owner’s wife – a delicate situation as it had been the home of the first wife (now deceased) & initially he & his children were hesitant to let anything go.  His now grown up children had been raised there & their bedrooms were still full of their childhood possessions.  Very gently we guided him not to take too many items to clutter his current home & a time was set for the children to have taken everything they wanted.

A very generous family with nearly a truck load of quality items being donated.

Once sold, there was little to do for settlement but we did arrange for most of the Oriental Art to go to Youngs in Camberwell for auction.

House clearance in Doncaster

property-clearance-melbourne-on-the-way-to-charityIn July 2013, I had a telephone call from a delightful lady (Jess) who exclaimed “I have sold my home in Doncaster & now don’t know what to do, can you help me Mary?”

Jess had moved to aged care in Lower Templestowe but was finding it hard to sort & clear everything still in her home.  As it was the first home for the new owner, Jess also wanted to kindly leave a lot of items (kitchenware, etc) for the new owner.

We sorted it out as per her changing instructions, made donations to various charities & took advantage of the free Council hardwaste pickup to minimise rubbish removal costs.

Jess was a unique & delightful lady & it was a joy to help her.

Clients moved to be closer to family

decluttered-home-successfully-soldWe assisted a lovely professional couple from May to December 2013 who had moved from their home of many years in Doncaster to Caulfield to be closer to their family:

  • Cleared & cleaned their home in Doncaster pre-settlement – sold items, arranged donation of whitegoods
  • Unpacked & organised items in their new home, particularly the storage areas
  • Assisted them with several other aspects:
    • Clients were now living in Caulfield yet they had many “trades” working on-site to prepare their Doncaster home for sale – we assisted with allowing access to home (alarm on & off) pre-sale
    • Moving items to storage, taking items from storage, selling items that were in storage
    • Moving items from their business office
    • Shopping
    • Delivering furniture to their upholsterer

In December, it was a sad day when we undertook our final work for these delightful people.  Many thanks to them for their hospitality & kindness.

Family home sold as father downsized to aged care

property-cleanup-presentation-139 St JamesIn June 2013, we prepared a home in Rosanna for settlement for Danielle whose father had moved into aged care.  We had previously sorted & presented the home for sale – it sold quickly & way above expectations:

  • Mega donations to charity
  • Lot of items sold on Gumtree
  • Garage Sale held

Very relieved & happy client

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