Understanding aged care options is often the first hurdle to navigate whenmoving-retirement-melbourne you or your loved one needs more permanent care … 

Having gone through this with my father, I was pleased to read recently the following blog from Margaret & Sarah of Signpost who explain the main options:

Aged Care Residential Facility:  This is a facility regulated under the Aged Care Act (Commonwealth) to provide care for the elderly.  An elderly person needs an ACAS (Aged Care Assessment) to become a resident of an ACRF (Aged Care Residential Facility).  The care in an ACRF is subsidised by the Federal Government. Accommodation Payments (formerly known as bonds) must be paid for residing in an ACRF unless the resident does not have sufficient assets to pay an accommodation payment.

A Retirement Village:  These are units or apartments regulated under State legislation.  Whilst they can be an excellent option for older people, they are not accredited aged care providers.  They may have on site serviced apartments or bring in services to assist elderly residents.  Some retirement villages are part of a complex which includes an ACRF and some have affiliations with ACRF’s that will accept residents preferentially.

Supported Residential Service:  This is a residential service that provides support and care for residents.  They are not accredited aged care providers although many have nursing staff and other qualified care staff on site.  They are regulated by State Governments.  Not all States have them.  The cost of care is not subsidised by the government although pensioners may receive rental assistance when staying at an SRS.

Each of these options could be appropriate  and there are good and not so good providers of each type of accommodation.  It is important to understand what a place is so that you know what a resident can expect both financially and in terms of the care that is provided. The distinction is confusing and it is often very hard to tell which is which.”

Thanks Margaret & Sarah for taking the time to explain these simply … check out their other great blog articles at sww.signpostlms.com.au/

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… Mary, the allsorter