Decluttering Tips

Home sorting, downsizing and decluttering specialists for senior adults in their third age (and their families, loved ones and representatives).

Understanding the “why” helps – try to identify why the clutter has happened …

  • Demanding lifestyle or job?
  • Have you been ill?
  • Can you no longer manage your home – is it too large?
  • Many people are cluttered because they have poor storage options or just have their items in the wrong place. So ensure you’re using your storage options effectively … are your cupboards & drawers full of items you no longer use?
  • Understand that the more “stuff” you have, the harder it is to organise and the harder it may be to find what you want
  • Look at how you live, what you use everyday – organise your stuff accordingly
  • These days, lots of us have too much stuff – we’re a consumer society, everywhere we look we’re being sold something
  • Often the longer we live in a place, the more we accumulate. Do you just have too much stuff?
  • It’s not rocket science, but it takes application & discipline & direction. Some people’s talents lie elsewhere – they’re not natural organisers

Then start with a plan:

  • Keep it simple
  • Attack it room by room (start somewhere easy)
  • Sort by –
    • Functional (items in use),
    • Favourites (must haves)
    • Farewells (what you can let go – sell, give, donate, toss)
  • Be disciplined – have you used/worn it recently, does it fit, will you wear/use again?
  • Get your storage options organised, i.e. when decluttering a bedroom, organise the wardrobes first, then you have space to use for the rest of the items in the room
  • Do you have sufficient storage?
  • Remember you don’t have to do it all at once, just bit by bit
  • When you buy something & bring it into your home, donate/dispose of something else

Embrace donating unneeded items that are still in good condition to charity

  • If there’s a local fete or fundraiser coming up in your local community, check out what they need
  • I find that giving always makes me smile & releases stress
  • If charity don’t want it, try giving away on gumtree or freecycle

Remember – the one & only key to being organised “Everything has a place & is returned to its place after use”

  • Your goal is to have a designated place for everything in your home so that it takes the “thinking” out of being organised.
  • It will still take discipline and some resources (time), but it becomes a more natural and easy process/habit that involves less time.