We are often contacted by families whose loved one has been a collector, possibly of several collections …
they want to honour the memory of their loved one and what they loved by ensuring the collection is passed on …Bird Choir
Often these collections are unique – and the family are unsure of how or to whom they should pass it on – whether the collection maybe valuable, either financially or historically.  For many, they just want to ensure that what their loved one has collected and loved is given to others or community or historical groups who share their interest and is not lost to mankind.  However, it is not always easy to find other collectors or groups that would be interested.
So, if you have collections, we strongly suggest that you document where your collection should go (contact details and phone numbers) for your loved ones so that they can easily pass on (or if applicable sell) what you have loved and collected to others.
You may want to add some information in your Will or put together a Forever Sorted plan.