seniors decluttering melbourneSome great feedback from my presentation on Third Age (3a) Decluttering at Vermont Library on 10 Sept –

  • From the Library staff member:  Thanks again for an interesting and engaging presentation – we received some fantastic feedback, that I thought you would like to see
  • Many practical suggestions, techniques to begin decluttering
  • Good perspectives and pointers to help in decluttering.
  • Great information, practical approach, good speaker. Thank you for offering this event/information session.
  • Motivational and amusing. Well worthwhile.
  • Very informative and the subject was dealt with compassionately.
  • Great great great. Have a declutter in at moment.
  • Very informative. Would like session on filing for household documents.
  • Wonderful presentation and ideas.
  • Need more discipline
  • A simply fabulous presentation! Comprehensive, interesting, entertaining. Thank you.
  • Thank you
  • Excellent presentation; very very useful information
  • Great presentation
  • Well presented with lots of great ideas and suggestions. I plan to put them to good use around my home
  • Excellent – decluttering. Presenter was great!!
  • Entertaining and enlightening.
  • Thank you!
  • Enjoyed the conversational and entertaining style of Mary’s presentation.
  • Enjoyable talk – should be able to apply some of.
  • Great points.
  • Very informative.
  • Very interesting. I need it

If you have an inquiry about decluttering assistance, please call me or contact me via my contact page (as I will respond quicker than via a blog comment)

Mary J Harnan BBus, 3a home sorting specialist | Aging Specialist, ICD  |  CD Specialist, ICD  |  Hoarding Specialist, ICD  | Expert Member AAPO 
Based in Balwyn North, Vic, I have sorted 100’s of homes & helped 100’s of senior adults & their families.   I regularly speak about 3a decluttering and smart downsizing