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Moving on can be overwhelming for anyone at any stage in their lives, but for those facing a downsizing moving, it can be especially daunting …
Many of my clients have lived in their homes for decades, some over 50 years.  So it’s not surprising that it is an emotional and challenging time for them and their families.   How to say goodbye to a home with years of treasures and memories?
When people ask me what I do, they are often amazed that allsorters exists.  “Why do people need help sorting out their house?  Don’t they have family to handle it all?”
Since creating allsorters many years ago, I have found that there are a lot of people who have no one to help:

  • A large percentage of my clients don’t have children and their siblings may have passed on or are not physically capable of helping to sort out the home
  • If they have children or family who could help, they may live overseas or interstate – I regularly liaise with family members in the USA, Europe, UK
  • A large number of my clients have families who want to help but they are time poor as they have demanding careers and are juggling lots of commitments
  • Often my client has family who are experiencing their own life challenges and they don’t want to add to their burden
  • There may be family dynamics involved so they call in a professional like me to minimise further damage to the family relationships
  • In many cases, the family can’t face doing it – it is too personal, they can’t make decisions and then end up going round in circles.  Often their focus is on selling stuff in the home, which can be time intensive, disappointing and a huge drain on family resources.  My clients are often amazed at what we achieve, particularly when they have been spending months trying to do it all
  • At times my clients just want someone non-judgmental to work with them while they farewell their years of possessions and identify the treasures and preserve memories.
  • Sometimes my clients have left it too late and I am called in by their family or representatives after they have moved above

Every client and their journey is different:

  • I work with people who want to get their homes organised before they are faced with a move
  • I help clients deal with and de-own stuff in their current home to make it safer and healthier for them to live in, so they can stay there as long as possible
  • I manage the actual move to retirement living, independent living or aged care (packing, unpacking, whatever needs to be done to set up their new home)
  • I handle whatever is needed at the home, which may include sorting, clearing, refreshing and styling their family home – to ensure they get the best sale price possible. After living in a home for many years, sometimes it can be hard to visualise how we can maximise space and show off the home to advantage

So if you are moving on or helping a loved one move on, it’s never just about the stuff …  it’s about saying goodbye with care and respect and assisting with a safe transition ….
No one has to do it all!  We start with a plan to ensure everyone involved in the transition is comfortable with the process …
moving-dad-to-aged-careMary J Harnan BBus
Owner – founder – allsorter – 3A organiser
“Mary is based in Balwyn North, a suburb of Melbourne, and has sorted 100’s of homes and helped 100’s of clients.  She is an expert member of the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers, a member of Balwyn Rotary and has achieved certificates in Chronic Disorganisation from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization in the USA.  She regularly speaks to groups about smart downsizing, rightsizing and farewelling the family home.”