Clearing-property-free-bedclearing-property-assylum-seekersWhen clearing homes, we try to sell, donate or give away as many items as possible.
Recently, while clearing a home for settlement in Bentleigh, we had two great  old wooden beds with 4 storage drawers underneath.  Fabulous in a child’s room &
with a little TLC or paint they would look extra fab.
After listing on gumtree for free, we were so pleased to give them away to Mon & her family (see photo here of new family taking them away)
Mon travelled all the way from St Albans to Bentleigh to pick up the beds.  But this is only a fraction of her recent journey.  She & her family are assylum seekers & are so pleased to be in Australia.  I was so pleased to meet them.
We wish them well for their new lives in Australia ….
… Mary, home sorting specialist