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Need some help? Check out some of our commonly asked questions below.

allsorters provide a trusted and quality service customised to each client and their needs.

  • For those who find the downsizing journey overwhelming, we look at the best ways to support them and their families.
  • For those selling their home, our goal is to help them exit their home as painlessly as possible and present a home to achieve the maximum sale price possible.
  • For those who have lost a loved one, we offer a caring service that respects their situation and their loved one’s possessions.
  • For those who want help sorting their current home, we provide a caring and non-judgemental service.

We are proud to offer a quality service that is affordable.

We are committed to donating, recycling and repurposing items as much as possible.

When a client places their home in our hands, we treat it like it was our own.  Any money, jewellery, photographs or other valuables found are returned to our client.  Often we are asked to look for particular items that family have not been able to find.

Our Fee Estimate is transparent and designed to ensure our client understands what is involved in the process and the various costs involved.  

Often a client may not initially understand the time and costs involved in sorting a home, but afterwards I am often told, “Mary, you are too cheap” or “Mary, you are excellent value”.

Please call to discuss your situation and location.

Our Free On-Site Consultation:

  • For clients requiring our total home sorting service, involving sorting, clearing, refreshing &/or styling a home, our ½ hour on site consultation is free (within the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding areas).  Includes visit to one site only.

Decluttering Consultations:

  • For clients requiring our one-on-one decluttering assistance,  downsizing plan, presentation consultation, coaching &/or plan, we are available to discuss over the phone (up to 15 minutes) and then our hourly rates apply for on-site assistance.
  • For hoarding situations, we have an hourly rate that reflects what is involved.
  • We normally require a minimum of 4 hours per booking (morning or afternoon session).  Booking and cancellation fees may apply. 

 Please call me or send me a message via contact us with any queries.

I usually respond to telephone calls or emails within 24 hours

Our service isn’t a one price fits all.  As each home is different and each client is unique, the cost will depend on your strategy and needs – whether we are providing moving assistance, sorting, refreshing and presenting the whole house or unit, assisting with house clearance or just some aspects

  • For our one-on-one decluttering and sorting assistance –
    • Hourly rates apply
    • We do not provide free consultations for one-on-one assistance
    • We have a minimum daily on-site fee
  • For our home sorting service –
    • Sorting a house is a huge task – involving sorting, clearing, cleaning, styling – on average, homes take between 15-70 hours depending on what’s involved and what is in the house.
    • On average, our total home sorting service ranges from $2,000 to $9000 (the cost depending greatly on rubbish removal costs).
    • Our process is transparent – once we understand what needs to be done, we provide a fee estimate that outlines what we are doing and the costs involved.
    • Rubbish removal can be a large % of the cost.
    • We have a preferred auction house for sellable items and we will also outline other avenues for selling items.  Occasionally we hold a garage sale for clients (but only where it is financially beneficial).
    • If you are selling a property, the home will need to be sorted and cleared prior to settlement, so you may as well get it underway pre-sale so the home is presented to maximise its sale potential.
    • It can also be beneficial to get the home on the market as soon as possible, particularly if there is a bond to pay (monthly interest charges can be painful).
  • Moving at any stage in your life, whether upsizing or downsizing, can be costly.  
    • We tightly manage our overheads and thus our clients are often amazed at what we achieve for them

Contact Mary on to discuss arranging a free on-site consultation

Please don’t be embarrassed.  This is what we do – we specialise in assisting those on the ageing and downsizing journey no matter their situation or condition of the property.

I went on the aged care journey with my father several years ago.  Ageing is confronting and we need to support and respect our loved ones no matter the situation.  “My father wouldn’t let me help him around the house and definitely wouldn’t let me throw anything out. I had to respect his wishes and understand that it was his last show of independence – his home was his castle. I also needed to understand that he knew where everything was and if I started moving items around he got confused and upset. It was hard as I’m an organising professional and I worried about him and his safety.”

Yes, we often assist families who become overwhelmed – sorting a family home can be a very emotional experience with “churning” often the result (i.e. moving items from one pile to another). I can bring in the necessary team to get it all done or work out a schedule to work along with you.

If you would like to discuss, please call me or send me an inquiry via my contact page.

Yes, we can assist.  We would suggest meeting to assess what is needed and then having a plan that involves him in the process whilst giving him support and assistance.

This journey is not easy, hiccups will happen, but we are there to provide support, solutions when needed & get it done.

Yes, we can.  We can set out a plan of action for you covering –

  • what you want to take with you,
  • when you would like to move,
  • getting it all packed,
  • timeline for getting your home ready for sale, &
  • anything else needed.

If you have a removalist you prefer, we can work with them.  If not, we can source the best one for you.  We’ll then put together a fee estimate for your approval.

We understand how overwhelming this journey can be & all sorters are there to support you in whatever you need.

See what our client’s say

If you would like to discuss, please call me or send me an inquiry via my contact page.

Yes, we can assist. 

Most people are not experienced at downsizing as previously they “upsized”, so the process of downsizing, when one cannot take everything, can be overwhelming.  Sadly, tough decisions will need to be made. 

You will need to find a balance with what you can take and the space available in your new home to ensure it is comfortable and safe. 

Decisions will be needed about what can be taken and items that are not your “Favourites” & no longer serve a purpose in your new lifestyle (Functionals) may need go (Farewells). 

If required, we will assess your new home with you and help you plan what to take.  We will then work along with you to assist your transition.

Your happiness & safety is our main priority.

We would recommend one-on-one assistance while sorting items.  Although this will take longer, when too many people are on site, it becomes overwhelming.  Many clients find it confronting to do it all in a few days, they prefer to tackle it for ½ a day over several weeks & slowly adjust to what needs to happen.

If you would like to discuss, please call me or send me an inquiry via my contact page.

Yes, we can assist with all aspects of the move.

We will also liaise with other parties involved and keep you updated on the progress.  We regularly assist the loved ones of those who are remote (i.e. interstate or overseas).

If you would like to discuss, please call me or send me an inquiry via my contact page.

Many clients ask this question and, in most cases, the response is a big YES.

Selling a property is a competitive business and buyer expectations are high.  TV shows such as “Selling Houses Australia” and “The Block” demonstrate the importance of getting it right when selling. 

However, you may need to re-assess this in the current market downturn as you don’t want to spend money unnecessarily in a down market.  Even a home that is tired, dated and needs a little TLC can still benefit from a styling budget.  It may mean the difference between selling and not selling.     

I often compare selling a home to going on a first date, you need to impress!

The property styling market is currently booming for interior decorators.  Expect to pay $4,000+ for a professional stager. 

At all sorters we can help you present your property on a much smaller budget, using what you have and then adding some touches.

Occasionally a client’s family may want to do this themselves, so I spend a a couple of hours with them going through furniture placement and finalising a shopping list of what we suggest they add.

We have sorted many deceased estates – houses, retirement units, independent living units.    

We start by assessing what is in the property –

  • Special instructions/requests from the estate & family
  • What can go to auction, what dealers will be interested in or even whether a garage sale would be viable.  Be aware, however, that the market for 2nd hand items is fairly poor at the moment.  Sometimes items one expects to be valuable are not & something else is. 
  • What can be donated & the amount that needs to be tossed
  • If we are preparing a property for sale, presentation of the property is often a major component & affects the strategy we provide to our client

 At all times we look to minimise costs for our clients to identify the best outcome (i.e. cost of several hundred dollars sending items to an auction house may not warrant the likely sale profit).

All valuable items are set aside for the beneficiaries’ review.

We take pride in always representing our client’s interests & honoring the trust given to us.  Thus any valuables we find are returned to our client or their estate.

When we commence working at a home, we set up a sorting area & designate a place for all valuables, i.e. for cash/coins, jewellery, photographs, important papers, etc.  I tightly manage any site we are working on.  The sorting phase is the most important with regard to valuables & therefore we have minimum staff on site for this phase.

As we sort through the home, when we find valuable items they are put with “like” items, labelled & set aside for the review of the owner, family, beneficiaries or representatives.

In mid July 2013, while working on a unit in Surrey Hills, an all sorter found a plastic bag of notes totalling $5,000.   We eventually found three more bags, adding up to $19,500 – all this was returned to the executor for the estate’s beneficiaries.

In May 2014, while clearing an independent living unit in Brighton East, we found a plastic bag full of wonderful old photographs (amongst rubbish).  When we showed the family, they were delighted as they had given up on finding them (they had searched for them & hadn’t found them). 

Yes, we can assist with whatever you need to leave your home, from packing & unpacking to helping you decide what to take.  Plus we can clear what is left (giving, recycling, tossing) & clean it in preparation for its new owners.

We are based in Balwyn North, Victoria.

We work primarily in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and surrounding areas.  However, we do travel to other areas subject to negotiation and travel costs, so please contact me to discuss if we are available to assist in your area.

FYI, some of the suburbs we’ve worked in – Abbotsford, Alphington, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Bayswater, Bentleigh, Blackburn, Box Hill, Brighton, Brunswick, Burwood, Camberwell, Caulfield, Chelsea, Cheltenham, Coburg, Collingwood, Croydon, Dandenong, Doncaster, Donvale, East Melbourne, Elsternwick, Epping, Essendon, Frankston, Fairfield, Glen Iris, Glen Waverley, Greensborough, Hampton, Hawthorn, Heidelberg, Kew, Malvern, Mordialloc, Montmorency, Mt Eliza, Mt Waverley, Nunawading, Parkdale, Prahran, Port Melbourne, Preston, Reservoir, Richmond, Ringwood, Rosanna, South Yarra, St Kilda, Surrey Hills, Templestowe, Thornbury, Toorak, Vermont, Watsonia, Warrandyte, and we’ve even travelled to Yarra Glen, Clematis and McCrae …

We often book out up to 10 days in advance, particularly during peak periods (July to September), so make contact with us as soon as possible to discuss your situation, needs & book us in.

Call me on or via contact us with any queries.

Although we specialise in seniors, we also do assist anyone who needs home sorting, decluttering, presentation, downsizing or clearing assistance. 

We may also be able to recommend other organisers who may suit your needs, i.e. for young mothers.

Still not sure, please call me on or use contact us with any queries.

Our clients are often anxious about where everything will go.

We guide our clients to concentrating on what they need to take for their current lifestyle (Functionals) plus some treasures (Favourites).

Then once they, family and friends have taken everything (as per our client’s instructions), we then deal with what remains – sellable items, donateable items, items to be recycled/tossed.

We have a good knowledge of what can be sold & avenues to sell, what charities take, what we can find other homes for (that charities won’t take) & then finally what can be recycled or tossed.

We are passionate about repurposing, recycling & donating as much as possible:

  • Paper, cardboard & plastics – to recycling facilities (whenever possible)
  • Paints, chemicals, etc – to recycling facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals – go to chemists
  • Eye glasses – Spec Savers
  • We donate, sell or give away items for free on behalf of our clients.  Please check out our charities information plus we often find new homes for items with young families & new Australians.

Contact Mary

As each client we work with is unique (no individual, house or contents are ever the same), we set out an individual Action Plan to identify and thus satisfy needs and budget whilst maintaining our high quality standards.

Servicing Phillip Island and surrounding areas along the Bass Coast