Do you know what you bring into your home each week?
extreme decluttering

  • Shopping, gifts, work/study stuff, Mail/Junkmail, Small things you pick up along the way, magazines/books, general stuff that interests you ….
  • What do the rest of the family bring home?

You probably think it’s not much, but if you recorded it all you would probably be shocked by the amount of stuff that comes into your home each week
 No wonder lots of people are overwhelmed with stuff in their homes
Would you let strangers come into your home & just stay?  So why do it with stuff?

  • Maybe it’s time to toughen up about YOUR STUFF
  • It’s your space, so take control
  • Embrace TAKING IMMEDIATE ACTION whenever possible
  • Sort your mail & junkmail next to the recycle bin & take immediate “tossing” action
  • If you have a sophisticated filing system for home mail that overwhelms you, maybe it is more than you need – maybe you need JUST a few files (action now, action this week/month, action later)
  • Start assessing what’s in your cupboards – clear out stray stuff or junk that’s taken residence in your cupboards
  • When you buy new clothes – fabulous – but if you have no room in your wardrobe, it’s time to work out which clothes are still “worthy” of you – if they are shabby, don’t make you feel great, you keep passing over a clothing item to wear something else, then farewell it (immediate action – donate or toss)
  • Anything (apart from your treasures) that doesn’t have a purpose or support you in your current lifestyle is a STUFF INTRUDER – take immediate action & toss or donate
  • Learn to toss – rubbish is better in the rubbish bin than in your home
  • Unneeded gifts – appreciate the kindness of receiving them but, if you don’t need it, donate it (don’t let it take up residence in your cupboard & get forgotten)
  • If you feel emotionally attached to the stuff?  Why?
  • Don’t get so focussed on recycling that such items take up permanent space in your home

Mary & Remy
Enjoy your home … you deserve it … 
Mary, the allsorter