Don’t you love it when there are fresh sheets on your bed? 
I was changing my sheets over the weekend, I try to change them every week but sometimes it stretches out to nearly 2 weeks.
Have you ever wondered how often you should change your sheets?
Well, conveniently, just came across this article from “Starts at 60” ..


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“While it’s best to clean sheets at least once a week, researchers explain that people can push to two weeks before unhygienic bacteria begin to take over. Dirty laundry should also be washed above 70°C to ensure that all harmful bacteria are killed.”

“… research conducted by British bedding company Time4Sleep showing as many as 24% of UK people wait up to 4 weeks before stripping their beds and putting fresh sheets on.
“Shockingly, researchers also claim that leaving the same bedsheets on a bed for a month or longer will result in more bacteria than that found in the bed of a primate such as a chimpanzee. Failing to clean bedding regularly means people are literally sleeping in dead skin, sweat particles, hair and bacteria.” …. 

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So I suppose every 2 weeks isn’t too bad, but I might try to do every week in future ….

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