If you’re trying to get decluttered and organised, it’s all about the sorting ….boxes cropped

and SORTING is all about making decisions … and we all know that making decisions can be hard and at times confronting.

  • Don’t just put your stuff away, sort it and decide whether to retain, sell, donate or toss items. Then, what you do put away will be what you actually need and easier to find.
  • Don’t be stressed if you need to review some stuff several times before putting it away (or tossing, recycling or donating). Although this doesn’t follow the Only Handle It Once (OHIO rule), for many clutter exists because we can’t decide where to put it, so we end up doing nothing.
  • Avoid “churning” – picking up an item, can’t decide what to do with it, and putting it back down in a different pile. Things get moved around, but nothing is achieved.
  • Lots of people struggle with clutter, but very few hoard. Most of us know where our stuff should go but we’re just unsure of a couple of items.
  • I prefer to keep a rhythm going when I’m sorting.  If I get stumped with an item, I put it in my “pend” box/pile. Then once I’ve finished most of the sorting, I just have a few items left – a few items can seem easier to deal with and before you know it, it’s all sorted!
  • Sometimes we have gotten into bad habits and it might be time to start some new habits to get back in control of your stuff.

Happy sorting,
Mary, the allsorter