We have had an amazingly busy August at allsorters – lots of clients wanting to clearing houses - war memorabiliaget their houses ready & on the market in September
While assisting the lovely Peta to sort out her aunt’s home in Deepdene a few weeks ago, we came across many wonderful old items – most going to an auction house.  This home had rooms that had not been sorted in 50 years.  Lot of memorable from old cruise ships & the two world wars.
We came across a hard hat from the trenches in World War 1 – possibly a German one (see photo right)  ….
Be careful when sorting homes with war memorabilia – if you come across any hand grenades or ammunition, you may need to call your local authorities & may end up with the bomb squad dealing with it …
Happy sorting … Mary
Blog Update:  The lovely Juliette has confirmed that it is a  a world war one German Stahlhelm helmet … Thanks Juliette