Aussie born Peter Walsh is the “go to” person in the US for Oprah and Rachael Rayallsorter Mary & Peter Walsh on decluttering and hoarding, so I was mega excited when I got to meet him recently at the Annual Organisers Conference (AAPO) at the Gold Coast in July.
Not only did I get to meet him, but I was lucky enough to do a full day workshop with him.  He’s very down to earth, generous with his knowledge and left me with several pearls of wisdom that I am sure I will put to good use when sorting houses.
For those struggling with letting go of their departed loved one’s possessions, I loved his “5 hidden treasures” strategy.
Peter is also a regular guest on The Living Room on Channel 10.
I have a copy of his latest book “Lighten Up”, signed by Peter, to give away – LIKE allsorters facebook page or comment on my blog for a chance to win it.