tea cupsUnless you have a magic wand to wave & say “clutter begone” or have staff to tidy your house, you need to be clever about stuff

We all aspire to a decluttered lifestyle & organised home, but do we all understand the discipline & “disciplines” required to achieve it?

To get you in the right mindset, below are my Top 10 Decluttering Commandments that I use to maintain an organised home:

  1. Everything in your home should have a place & be returned to its place after use  
  2. Storage areas should be used effectively (for stuff you use on a regular basis)
  3. Donate or give what you no longer need or use on a regular basis (& action asap to avoid re-sorting)
  4. Something in, something out, i.e. when something new comes into your home, something old or not longer used must go out
  5. Say farewell – we aren’t meant to keep everything forever – some stuff is for certain stages in our lives 
  6. 85% of your wardrobe should be clothes & shoes you wear on a regular basis – let go of any clothes or shoes that you don’t love to wear
  7. Use your gorgeous stuff, don’t leave it languishing at the back of your cupboards
  8. The more stuff you have the more time it will take to organise it, so avoid impulse buying (saves you time & money)
  9. Don’t let your home become a storage facility for other people’s stuff
  10. clearing-a-housePut yourself first, not your stuff

Mary, the allsorter