Xmas is a wonderfully magical time of year – lots to do & enjoy – stuff to buy, stuff to give, lots of stuff to decorate … 
To help you remain jolly this Xmas, below are some of my best Xmas Organising Tips:

Santa Holding Stack of GiftsGift giving is a beautiful thing (after all it is the thought that counts), but try to avoid adding to yours, a friend or a loved one’s clutter … avoid gimmicky stuff that may end up as “clutter”
Luv-Op-Shops-logo_green-webWhen shopping, don’t forget to visit your local Op Shop  enjoy hunting for some fab treasures
Need a neat way to organise all that Xmas wrapping paper?  wrapping paper organised How about one of those Ikea plastic bag holders – attach it to the back of the door, wall or wherever suits  …


donate old toysHave a good sort out of old toys before Christmas  to make room for new toys – donate what’s in good condition!


Santa Carrying Shopping BagsBe prepared with some small gifts at the ready just in case unexpected guests drop in – champagne & treats like shortbread, almond biscuits, nuts & mini-Xmas puddings will never go to waste!
Bunny in FridgeSort through & clean out the refrigerator & freezer before Xmas – get rid of all those empty jars & out-of-date stuff – this will ensure you have space for yummy Xmas food
Xmas Tree 3How to store Christmas tree lights so they don’t tangle?   Wrap them around an empty paper roll – make a cut at both ends of the roll, tuck the end of the string of lights into one end, roll the lights round the roll & tuck the end into the other cut.
xmas-tech-hangoverAfter Xmas Clutter Hangover … so you got some great presents & possibly some that are just interesting or you may describe another way .. if your home is bursting at the seams with this “interesting stuff”, deal with what you can quickly – sell, donate or toss – please don’t let put it to the back of your cupboards – storage space is valuable


Have a fun & fab Xmas celebrating with family & friends

take care … Mary, the allsorter