Tips for
Moving House

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There are many aspects to be considered when moving, particularly if you have a tight time frame

  • Don’t panic, take it step by step
  • Have a plan
  • Expect a few hiccups

Set aside sufficient time for the move

  • Prepare in advance
  • Plan, plan, plan

Clearly Label All Boxes

  • Stick labels on the side of boxes (not top)
  • Try to pack items in boxes per room
  • Indicate (on the label) which room they are for in your new home (and where they have come from)
  • Have a plan of your new home in your entry hall and have a ‘Key’ for rooms, e.g. Kitchen = K – removalist/s can then put boxes where they are to go for easier unpacking
  • Decide if a storage/moving manifest can be a wise investment of time

Ensure you can easily find items you will need quickly at your new home

  • Moving can be exhausting and you may not get everything unpacked on “move day”
  • So make sure you can find the essentials – kettle, coffee, tea, bedding, toiletries, towels

This is a great opportunity to sort what you no longer need or use

  • Don’t take unnecessary items to clutter your new home (think of the time you will waste packing and unpacking items you may no longer need!)

Try selling unneeded items

  • Auction houses, dealers, eBay or Gumtree
  • Embrace donating to charities

At the end of the day, reward yourself

  • Have your favourite take-away menu, some chocolate or a favourite bottle on hand to enjoy in your new home!

Double-Check you’ve done everything

  • Disconnected utilities
  • Redirect mail