It’s no easy task moving your mother or father to aged care.  Terrible feelings of guilt haunt us.  Isn’t there another way, can’t we do it?
I went on this emotional roller coaster when it was time to move my father to aged care (he had been in his home since the early 1960’s).  I left it as long as possible, but the day came when I had no option.
He needed a level of care I couldn’t give him 24/7.  I needed to focus on what was best for him & acknowledge what I had done for years to support him & keep him in his home as long as possible.
The sad fact is that if we are lucky enough to live an impressive amount of years, we will eventually be faced with needing care.  And the choice word here is “care”.  If you pick the best aged care available, then your parent will receive the correct level of care whenever needed.  My father does.  He loves being looked after by the young staff at Deloraine in Greensborough.  At his age (now 90) to him all the staff are young!
I often work for clients who are overwhelmed by it all, feel a lack of support & are confused by what is available and the financial implications.

If you are faced with having to sell the family home, try to focus on the positives – having had a family home, being able to pass it on to the next family, the financial reward it will give you.  Have a plan to get it organised for sale especially if you have bond interest that is mounting.  Remember you don’t need to do it all – services such as mine specialise in getting properties ready for sale.   Call me if you need help/advice – we can handle it all or support you with those aspects you need assistance with.
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Take care, be kind to yourself
Mary, the allsorter, home sorting specialist