decluttered-cupboardsSo you feel that the “stuff” in your home is out of control but don’t know where to start?

Before you do anything, get in the right mindset:

  • Realise you are not alone – these days most of us have lots of stuff – so be kind to yourself
  • Assess realistically whether your home can ever look how you imagine if you keep everything you have
  • So how much will you need to let go to achieve this?
  • When you get off track or demotivated, go back to the “visual” you have of how you want your home to look

Maybe you have now realised that some stuff is going to have to go
Great, you can now start taking action 
Often it can be best to start with the easiest or a small area in your home – maybe the linen cupboard, wardrobe, kitchen cupboards or “landing strip” (my “landing strip” is just inside my front door – the entry hall table where I unload everything when I get home – my keys, sunglasses, mail, etc). 
Once one area is sorted, it’s great encouragement to move on to the next.
decluttering-melbourneSort into –

  • Keep, Donate or Toss
  • Have a box for items that are to go to other rooms
  • You may want to include a “sell” pile, but think clearly about whether you want to put the time & effort into selling?

If it’s your linen or kitchen cupboards in need of a good sort, review what you have –

  • Do you need so much?
  • Do you have so many glasses in your kitchen cupboards that you can’t find matching sets?
  • Are there towels/sheets/glasses that you never use and are just taking up valuable space?
  • Do you need so many blankets – could you donate a couple?
  • How many sheets do you actually need?
  • If you’ve had it in your cupboard for years and never used it, let it go – it’s taking up valuable space!
  • Be tough, sort and put aside what you haven’t used in ages – then either donate or toss it

Still having trouble getting started?  Why not try pretending it’s not your home?  Pretend you are helping a friend & encourage them to do it, cheer yourself on …
Understand the time cost and space cost of keeping items – often we just assess the purchase cost of an item, not the ongoing cost of retaining it
Happy sorting
Mary, the allsorter