Deceased Estates Clearance

allsorters are home sorting specialists who assist with sorting estate properties or work individually with clients …

our aim is to help relieve as much of the materialistic burden as possible to achieve a smooth outcome for all parties involved ….

The loss of a loved one is devastating, shattering and life changing

Sometimes just trying to stay balanced while coping with what has happened can drain all one’s energy and focus. For those handling the estate of a loved one, it adds another emotional and administrative layer, particularly if the home is full of accumulated possessions from years past that need to be sorted and dealt with.

“Grief” can affect our ability to deal with stuff, something we may not understand until we experience a major loss, possibly the loss of a life partner, parent or the key person in our life:

  • How grief can slow us down, both physically and mentally, reducing our ability to focus and concentrate, affect our motivation and thus our ability to make decisions and get stuff done
  • Around the home this can result in an untidy home, failure to maintain cleaning, clearing and organising habits – thus stuff piles up, little by little, year by year.  

allsorters regularly assist with planning, sorting, clearing and preparing homes for sale or settlement on behalf of families, beneficiaries (local, interstate or overseas), executors, lawyers, real estate agents and other representatives (who maybe overwhelmed by the task, find it emotionally challenging, not have the time to deal with it, live remote to the property or just not know where to start).  We also provide impartial assistance for sorting estates in dispute.

Where to start?

  • After an initial telephone discussion to clarify objectives and the level of care required, Mary often visits the property to identify priorities, agree on a Plan of Action and provide a Fee Estimate (please check if we provide free fee estimates in your area)
  • Nearly every client we work with/for is different, so we offer a customised service.
  • We strive to minimise costs wherever possible and often come in under our Fee Estimate.

We can assist with –

  • Sorting, packing, clearing, rubbish removal (including aged care rooms)
  • Ensuring bequests and family items are identified, allocated and actioned
  • Identifying items that can be sold and assessing best avenues to sell
  • Donating, recycling and repurposing items when possible
  • Preparing the property for sale or settlement maximising its sale potential at minimum cost – sorting, clearing, cleaning, styling
  • Dealing with a loved one’s belongings

You can rest assured that your loved one’s home and possessions will be treated with care and respect.  At all times we represent our client’s interests with grace, kindness, respect, honesty and integrity (in 2013 we found $19,600 in a home and returned it to the executor).    

We even have several clients who have requested that we look after their remaining possessions when they eventually upgrade to heaven.

Often we see clients who are extremely focused on the value of items within a home:

  • This may not be where your energies are best spent.  Please consider where the greatest value lies – is it in selling the furniture and contents or is it in maximising the home’s presentation to ensure it achieves the best sale price? 
  • We set aside any saleable items and explore best avenues for sale
  • Remember that items have served their owner well and that any $$ from selling items are an added bonus

Mary specialises in working with senior adults in their third age (3a) and their families.  Our service is non-judgmental.

If you need help with sorting, clearing and/or preparing a property for sale or settlement, contact Mary 

Contact Mary

As each client we work with is unique (no individual, house or contents are ever the same), we set out an individual Action Plan to identify and thus satisfy needs and budget whilst maintaining our high quality standards.

Servicing Phillip Island and surrounding areas along the Bass Coast