Decluttering for Sale

Selling your home and need to declutter?

Overwhelmed by how much needs to be done?

allsorters are decluttering and downsizing specialists who regularly assist senior adults in their third age (and their families, loved ones and representatives)

For today’s home buyers, property presentation/styling is a “must” and “clutter” is a “No No”.

Ignoring this could be a costly mistake as ideally you want your home to appeal to the widest buyer market possible.

allsorters can help you achieve a clutter free home …

Ultimately all homes need to be sorted, packed up, cleared and cleaned prior to settlement, so it makes sense –

  • to do as much as possible pre-sale to maximise the property’s sale potential
  • to deal with these tough decisions only once (and only take what you need to your new home)

The good news – it’s an opportunity to maximise your property’s sale price

Our clients are regularly surprised at how we can improve presentation on a fairly low budget, even in homes that need some intensive TLC

We will also work in consultation with your stylist or stager or use what is in the home to ensure it looks its best.

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As each client we work with is unique (no individual, house or contents are ever the same), we set out an individual Action Plan to identify and thus satisfy needs and budget whilst maintaining our high quality standards.

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