If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with stuff, maybe it’s time to take the first steps to tackling it?
Many of us find that it can be overwhelming to look at what we need to sort, tidy up or declutter as a whole

  • So separate what needs to be done either by room, or tasks within a room
  • Then tackle it step by step
  • Often it is best to start with easier tasks so you get into a rhythm

Understand it is not so much about the stuff but rather how you connect to the stuff –

  • Are you emotionally connected?
  • Do you want to let something go but can’t?
  • Explore the reasons behind your thinking? Remember how we feel comes from our thoughts?
  • If you take a photo of an item, can you let it go easier? Apparently 35% of us find it easier to let stuff go if we take a photo of it …
  • If you are having trouble letting items go, try approaching it from the other end, e.g. work out the amount of space you have, how much fits into that space, then pick your favourites or “top must haves” and once the space is full, everything else must go
  • I often use this approach, recently I realised I had way too many vases but couldn’t decide which to let go, so I approached it by assessing that for the size home I live in realistically 12 vases are sufficient. So I picked my top 12 (actually I was naughty & kept 15), but using this method I was able to pack up 15 lovely vases to donate to charity

Hope it works for you

Mary J Harnan BBus, 3a home sorting specialist
Aging Specialist, ICD  |  CD Specialist, ICD  | Expert Member AAPO (Aust Assoc of Prof Organisers)  | Professional Member NAPO (National Association of Professional Organisers)
Based in Balwyn North, Vic, I have sorted 100’s of homes & helped 100’s of clients. I regularly speak about 3a decluttering, downsizing & my 3F’s for letting stuff go