Many clients ask me whether presentation is really important when selling.  In most cases, my response is a big YES.
Selling a property is a competitive business.  TV shows such as Selling Houses Australia & The Block demonstrate the importance of getting it right when selling.
We all have high expectations when buying property these days, so if you don’t prepare your property for sale, you are short-changing yourself.  Even if your home is tired, dated & needs a little TLC, remember your property is a considerable asset – consider what an extra 5-10% on the selling price would amount to.   On a $1m property this equates to between $50,000 to $100,000.  Definitely not to be sneezed at.
The property styling market is currently booming for interior decorators.  Well worth it for those with modern, well maintained properties in top locations. Expect to pay at least $3,000 & upwards for these services and, if needed, you should add in cleaning & clearing costs.
At all sorters we can help you present & maximise your property on a much smaller budget –

  • Sorting, clearing, refreshing & decluttering
  • Making it sparkle
  • Rearranging or removing furniture to maximise space
  • Styling your home using what you already have
  • Adding soft furnishings (bed coverings, throw rugs, cushions), wall art, lamps, etc, where needed (either from our hire stock or guiding you with shopping)

I have a knack for looking at a room, assessing its best features & then making the most of it.  I’m also a savvy buyer and great at co-ordinating items.
Remember when selling a property you are selling SPACE & LIGHT to those aspiring to a certain lifestyle or location.  So no matter the age of your home, it should sparkle, smell great & clearly demonstrate how loved it has been.  You want your potential buyers to imagine living in the home.
Please don’t get confused about decluttering – it does not mean removing everything.  Using items to style your home shows it off to best advantage – bare walls & bare rooms rarely do this, that’s why you should talk to us before you start clearing a home for sale.
MB-Sale-Presentation-DownsizingNeed some advice?  Want to downsize your home with style?
Contact me on 0414 750 177 for a free discussion about getting your home sorted & presented for sale.  Apart from taking some of the burden off your shoulders, you can then compare our estimated fee against the value of selling your home quicker, appealing to more buyers & thus selling your property for more.
For those requiring the services of an interior decorator, we can recommend some great people.
Happy sorting …. from Mary, the all sorter, home sorting specialist