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The loss of a loved one is shattering and life changing.  Just trying to find a way to move forward can be overwhelming. 

Apart from the terrible loss, shock and disbelief, there can be unexpected tasks that may demand attention as daily life continues and materialistic considerations are revealed, such as sorting out a loved one’s home or possessions and even preparing a property for sale.   

It can be difficult to understand how grief can affect and change us until we experience a major loss – how it can slow us down both physically and mentally, reduce our motivation and our goals and, thus, may lead to difficulty making decisions and taking action.  If you are going through the stages of grief, please be kind to yourself, we are complex individuals and each of us may handle it differently.

In some cases, there maybe no one to take care of it all … allsorters regularly assist with planning, sorting, clearing and preparing homes for sale on behalf of families (often overwhelmed by the task or who may live remote to the property), beneficiaries (local, interstate or overseas), executors, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.  Whatever your situation, we will try to support and help you ….

We live in an age of an abundance of stuff and for those of us who have lived longer, we have had more time to accumulate possessions – our homes may be filled to the brim with a lifetime of possessions, gadgets, collections, treasures, etc.  As a result, sorting a loved one’s home and stuff can be a mammoth task and seem overwhelming.  allsorters are available to provide professional assistance if needed.  Remember that items have served their owner well, some items can be sold and donated, but many will have reached the end of their usefulness.

If you need help, contact Mary – she created allsorters to relieve as much of the materialistic burden as possible.  Whether it is managing it all or working individually with clients, we work with you to identify the best way to assist you to achieve your objectives.

Where to start?

We can assist with –

  • Sorting, packing, clearing, rubbish removal (including aged care rooms)
  • Ensuring bequests and family items are identified, allocated and actioned
  • Identifying items that can be sold and assessing best avenues to sell
  • Donating, recycling and repurposing items when possible
  • Preparing the property for sale or settlement maximising its sale potential at minimum cost – sorting, clearing, cleaning, styling
  • Dealing with a loved one’s belongings

You can rest assured that your loved one’s home and possessions will be treated with care and respect.  At all times we represent our client’s interests with grace, kindness, respect, honesty and integrity (in 2013 we found $19,600 in a home and returned it to the executor).    deceased estate service - until we meet again

We even have several clients who have requested that we look after their remaining possessions when they eventually upgrade to heaven

Often we see clients who are extremely focused on the value of items within a home:

  • This may not be where your energies are best spent.  Please consider where the greatest value lies – is it in selling the furniture and contents or is it in maximising the home’s presentation to ensure it achieves the best sale price?     Consider the gain from an improved sale price.
  • We do set aside any saleable items and discuss best avenues for sale
  • Remember that items have served their owner well and that any $$ from selling items are an added bonus

Coping with a loss can affect each of us differently.  Simple tasks and decisions can be hard, so be kind to yourself, take it at your own pace and seek assistance and support where you can until you find your “new normal”.  You will know when the time is right for you to sort your loved one’s possessions ….

Mary specialises in working with senior adults in their third age (3a) and their families.  If you need help with sorting, clearing and/or preparing a property for sale or settlement, contact Mary 

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** We receive many inquiries from those who want to sell items within the home.  We are not dealers and unfortunately we do not visit properties for “free” to provide valuations or buy items.  As part of our home sorting services, we work with clients to assess and organise the best avenues for selling items.   Check out the reality of selling stuff on Mary’s blog

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