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Preparing your home for sale


Selling your home?  

Overwhelmed by how much needs to be done?  

Our goal is to relieve you of as much of the burden as possible at minimum cost to achieve the maximum outcome

For today’s buyers, presentation of your property when selling is a “must”.  Ignoring this could be a costly mistake as you need your home to appeal to the widest buyer market possible … in most cases it is better to present a home that is decluttered and refreshed rather than empty

Ultimately all homes need to be sorted, packed up, cleared and cleaned prior to settlement, so it makes sense –

  • to do as much as possible pre-sale to maximise the property’s sale potential
  • to deal with these tough decisions only once (ideally sort once and then take only what you need to your new home)

The good news – it’s an opportunity to maximise your property’s sale price

Our clients are regularly surprised at how we can improve presentation on a fairly low budget, even in homes that need some intensive TLC

As well as sorting, clearing, refreshing (cleaning) and gardening (e.g. weeding, mulching, gurneying pathways/verandahs, external wall clean), we will also maximise your property’s presentation by using what is in the home and then bring in some final touches with cushions, throw rugs, wall art, bed dressing, etc.  

For those who need an extra level of assistance, we can help with one-on-one assistance

Contact Mary to discuss your needs


allsorters – home sorting specialists … we prepare properties for sale 

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