House Clearance – Clearing a house, unit or estate

house-clearance-service-melbourneSorting, clearing and farewelling a home is a time consuming, exhausting and overwhelming task, both physically and emotionally.  

Where to start is often the first challenge faced as a home “full of stuff” will need extensive sorting, packing and clearing.  It can also be costly.  Just emptying all the cupboards will reveal a surprising amount of stuff.

A good starting point is to assess what you can do – whether you want to do it all and, if not, what you will need help with?

  • If you can make decisions and physically sort it all yourself, you may just need a good rubbish removal team.  But beware, rubbish removal costs can add up.
  • If you only need help selling stuff, then check out my blog on selling stuff, get busy listing stuff online or contact C Bragg Auctions.
  • If you need just a little assistance and guidance, we can assist with a planning consultation and/or sorting session.
  • Or if you want someone else to do it all, allsorters can take care of it all for you …  

allsorters provide a professional and supportive service that sorts, clears and refreshes homes often in preparation for sale.  Whether it is your home or a loved ones, an estate, unit or apartment, we can sort it all on your behalf as per your instructions and an agreed mandate.

Call us to get the ball rolling:

After an initial telephone discussion to identify if our service is suitable and the level of care and assistance required, we arrange a time to visit the property to identify and clarify priorities and then set out a Fee Estimate covering –

  • Sorting, clearing, cleaning and possibly styling to prepare a property for sale/settlement
  • Clarifying items to be allocated to family, friends, beneficiaries
  • Identifying sellable items and the best avenues to sell items
  • Donating items to charity (we regularly donate large amounts of good quality items to a variety of charities on behalf of our clients)
  • Clearing all required areas inside plus under the house, garage, shed/s, attic, side of house, etc
  • Rubbish removal (utilising free council services when available)
  • Cleaning (if needed)
  • If selling a property, we look at maximising the property’s appeal at minimum cost
  • Identifying any tasks required up to settlement (gardening, cleaning)

Note that, as each property and its contents differ, it is not possible to offer a “one size fits all service” or provide an estimate without viewing the property.

To maintain our quality of service, Mary manages all the properties we work on (so you can be assured your property is in “safe hands”).  Although we maximise what can be donated, a fair amount of rubbish removal is needed when anyone exits their home (so costs can add up).

At all times we represent our client’s interests with grace, kindness, respect, empathy, honesty and integrity  (in 2013 we found nearly $20,000 in a home and returned it to the executor)

We are committed to recycling, donating and re-purposing items whenever possible.

Contact Mary to arrange a free consultation and discuss how we can assist with clearing yours or your loved one’s home.  Mary has sorted 100’s of homes and helped 100’s clients over several years.

Our free consultation is available mainly in the eastern Melbourne metropolitan area.  If not sure, check with Mary …

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allsorters – home sorting specialists (decluttering, downsizing, moving to aged care or retirement, deceased estate clearance)

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