moving to aged careWhen I first started helping older senior adults declutter, sometimes it seemed they were so stubborn and often seemed to sidetrack into telling stories.  I didn’t quite get it until I read one of David Solie’s books.
If you are ageing or have an ageing parent, I wanted to share his latest pdf (free) on Sixty is the New Sixty
A little from it –
“The battle for control in old age is well known but never fully appreciated by younger adults. Sadly, it can be overwhelming for older adults and their families, leaving both parties angry, frustrated, feeling unappreciated, and ultimately disconnected. Here’s why.
Older adults are watching control evaporate right before their eyes. Loss of health, family and friends, social status, productive engagement, driving, living accommodations, and control of money all conspire to render older adults dependent through a relentless series of losses. The reasonable response to this onslaught is to fight back, to resist all attempts to take control away. In many cases this means saying “no” without comment.”
“The greatest legacies have nothing to do with money; they are always about the human heart. Reaching out to repair important relationships, as difficult as it may seem, opens an enormous legacy channel. Our life story is not only what we have done but also who we are as expressed through our relationships, even the ones that ask the most of us again and again.”

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