presenting-a-house-for-saledownsizing-to-aged-care-talkDownsizing or even thinking about downsizing to a smaller home or some type of “supported” living, can be very confronting  …

Life is a journey & the reality is that, if we live long enough, we will be faced with a downsizing move – the key is to be smart about it all & lessen preconceived fears …
Some simple tips for smart downsizing:
1    Put yourself first when downsizing, not your “stuff”
2     Don’t be gloomy, “downsizing” is not a dirty word 
3     Embrace giving & de-owning
4     Have a plan – your priority is to set up your new home comfortably

  • Get in the right mindset – imagine how you want your new home to look
  • Measure your space & know what fits
  • Don’t clutter it – having an organised space will make life easier
  • Equip yourself for your new lifestyle – you don’t need to take everything with you
  • Only take clothes that fit & make you feel great
  • Don’t put stuff into storage unless you are in transition
  • Sort only once

5  If you are moving an elderly loved one, consider –

  • They may no longer be capable of sorting through their possessions
  • It can be cruel to make them deal with it all (particularly when selling or throwing out items)
  • Take it step by step – move them first, taking what is necessary & their priority “loved” items, then sort the rest

6   If you are selling a home, your greatest financial gain will be in selling the property for the best price possible.  Wise downsizers –

  • know where to maximise their time & efforts
  • consider what a 5-10% gain on the sale price will amount to compared to the likely $$ from selling the contents
  • have a plan & invest in preparing the home for sale – all homes need to be sorted & cleared for settlement, so get it done prior to sale
  • even older homes, in need of some major TLC, can benefit from styling (we consistently present older homes (on low budgets) & our clients are amazed at the results, both visually & financially)

7     Unless you have unique furniture in good condition, the reality is there may be little demand for the furniture & contents at the prices you would like
8    Don’t leave it too late to downsize –

  • Quality retirement options available
  • Aged care is not a dirty word … ageing in place!
  • You may leave it too late & others may have to make quick decisions

9    Be kind to yourself, life is a journey at every age
10  Call in a professional if you need help
Take care … allsorters, downsizing specialists