Often we forget that the simple things in life are the best  … and for our parents and/or grandparents, one of the easiest gifts you can give IS YOUR time, attention and conversation
So if you are lucky enough to have your mother, father or grandparents around, allocate some special time with them on a regular basis

  •  Spend time with her in her favourite spot to relax in her home, garden or take her out for a cuppa
  • Allow some “quality” time, not just 15 minutes, and don’t be restricted by needing to rush off
  • Let her dictate the conversation … even if you have heard her story before, listen, listen, listen – be accepting, non-judgemental and patient
  • Watch how she smiles, smile with her
  • Feel her joy at spending time with you
  • Feel the power of her wisdom
  • Feel the love that only she can give you

Each moment we live is precious   … time spent with our loves ones is the most precious, but often we forget to enjoy them …
Then, before we know it they are gone ….
How much time have you spent enjoying your loved ones lately?
Enjoy … Mary, the allsorter