Confused about aged care?moving-dad-to-aged-care

Maybe you are starting to think it’s the next step for you or your loved one?
Don’t worry, you’re not the first to feel confused & overwhelmed.  I was the same when I needed to find an aged care place for my father.
“For most people, growing older means that there are times when you find it difficult to manage with day-to-day living activities. You may realise you need help, or you may be caring for a friend or family member who needs help, but you just don’t know where to start or what help you can get.”
The aged care journey is not an easy one & not really understood until you’ve actually been on it with someone you love.  Realising that your loved one can no longer cope by themselves is confronting, a shift in relationships with children now effectively the “parent” & lots of major decisions to be made.
If you don’t know where to start, visit (a government site) designed to help.  You can also get their “Five Steps to Entry into an aged care home” which again, is very informative – give them a ring on 1800 200 422 & they can send you a copy.
This site also gives details of aged care homes & their fees.  If you need extra help finding a home, a Placement Agent can assist you.  I know some great placement agents (I used one to find a caring home for my father several years ago).


For many, the first step is usually to get on the waiting list for an Aged Care Assessment (you can get details of how to do this via

From a financial perspective, it is always wise to know your financial position before disclosing to any other parties.  There are some great financial planners around who specialise in aged care, & some have very realistic pricing.

If you need help or recommendations for a financial planner, placement agent or allsorters can help you with the move or to sort out the house, please give me a call.

Take care, remember life is a journey & there are many great aged “care” homes – the key is to find the best “care” for your loved one

… Mary, the allsorter, downsizing & home sorting specialist