It’s a new year & maybe you have decided that one of your goals is to get your home organisedno clutter

Well done, it’s great to have an organised home – less time dealing with stuff allows you to focus more on what you love doing & your loved ones ..
Before you tackle any “stuff”, ensure you get in the right mindset & understand the KEY to being organised …

…  everything has a place & should be returned to its place after use

It takes discipline to start with, possibly some major sorting, but if you have a place for everything in your home & then return it to its place after use, you won’t ever need any other organising tipsboxes cropped

Where to start:

  • Have a plan to tackle it room by room
  • Sort “like with like” & then organise – use labels if needed
  • It may take some time but don’t be disheartened, reward yourself along the way
  • Don’t rush out to buy big on storage items until you know exactly what you need
  • Can’t do it all yourself?  Get an organiser to either help or coach you

Once everything in your home has a place, when you have busy periods in your life & maybe you haven’t returned everything to their places, you will find it easy & quick to get back on track as there should be no decisions about where it all goes – it just goes back to its designated place
It’s guaranteed to save you lots of time & keep your home organised & enjoyable to live in.

Have a fab 2015   … Mary, the allsorter