Tips for
Selling your Home

Home sorting, downsizing and decluttering specialists for senior adults in their third age (and their families, loved ones and representatives).

Clean & refresh – make it sparkle

  • Start at the front – your entrance sets the scene for the quality of home within so clean the door, have a decent front door mat & ensure the garden is tidy.  Paint the front door if it is shabby
  • Maximise & reflect light (don’t block windows with coverings)
  • Make it smell great – potential buyers often make decisions within a few minutes – subtle aspects, such as the smell and aura can clearly indicate if a home is “loved”
  • Remove irritants – you may not have allergies but potential buyers may, so ensure your home is dust mite free & remove any plants that are known irritants
  • Do the basics – ensure all rubbish bins are emptied

Declutter, declutter, declutter

Potential buyers need to be able to visualise where their “stuff” will go –

    • Don’t just stuff everything into cupboards.
    • Most buyers want a home that is easy to organise – those upsizing are looking for added space & aspire to be organised
    • You’ll be moving, so start boxing & storing the items you don’t use regularly (but make sure you label the boxes)
    • Donate or dispose of what you no longer need or use

Keeping your home looking great for open for inspections can be tiring

  • Make it easier on yourself by having a basket in key rooms for items you use regularly (kitchen, bathroom, lounge, etc)
  • You can then easily put items in the basket &put it away before open houses.  Afterwards you can easily return items where needed for your use

Investing in presentation is worthwhile

  • For a quick stylist update, cushions, wall art & throw rugs are economical options – & you can take them with you when you move
  • Fresh flowers always brighten a room (but need to be refreshed regularly)
  • Although rubbish removal costs can add up, ensure all rubbish is removed from the property before your sale campaign, particularly externally – use Council rubbish pickups where available