Tips for
Treasured Possessions

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Enjoy your treasures and beautiful things …

  • Often when we are decluttering and clearing homes, we find wonderful items hidden in cupboards which seem to have been hardly used (crystal, china and the like) – they may go to an auction house or charity and be sold for bargain prices
  • So enjoy your beautiful things, use them or enjoy them visually by putting them on display, don’t leave them in shadow in your cupboards
  • As we get older, we tend to have more treasures, possibly from inheritances. Be careful that your treasures from others do not take over your home, limiting the space for functional items (that help you live well on a daily basis)

Ladies, don’t hang your clothes on wire hangers

  • Over time they rust – sadly, we often come across beautiful vintage items that must be tossed because of the damage from wire coat hangers
  • Don’t leave clothes, etc, in your cupboards until they are out of date or stained by the years
  • Sadly, we often have to toss clothes, shoes and handbags that once could have donated, but over time they have decayed
  • Donate them while they are still current and of greater use to someone who may be having a tough time

Act responsibly when donating to charities …

  • “Would you give it to a friend” – don’t give broken items, worn out or stained clothes, rubbish – you will end up wasting volunteer’s time & your donations may be costing them money?

Don’t be offended if your children don’t want YOUR treasures …

  • They may have their own and may be dealing with their own clutter …

Selling items

  • Offer treasures to family in the first instance, then assess whether they are sellable
  • Check out local auction houses and second hand dealers (although many have closed in recent years)
  • Antiques are not worth what they were in recent years, but unique pieces are still in demand, also collector items and retro items
  • When selling items on eBay and similar sites or at a garage sale, be realistic about the time commitment involved and how much you’re likely to make. Does the profit warrant the time (in the overall scheme)?
  • Would it be easier to donate to your favourite charity or Op shop?