Tips for
Treasured Possessions

Home sorting, downsizing and decluttering specialists for senior adults in their third age (and their families, loved ones and representatives).

Enjoy your beautiful things

  • Often we clear homes & find wonderful items that were hardly used (crystal, china and the like) – they may go to charity & be sold for bargain prices

Ladies, don’t hang your clothes on wire hangers

  • Over time they rust – sadly, we often come across beautiful vintage items that must be tossed because of the damage from wire coat hangers

Don’t be offended if your children don’t want all your treasures

  • They have their own & may be dealing with their own clutter

Don’t leave clothes, etc, in your cupboards until they are out of date or stained by the years

  • Donate them while they are still current and of greater use to someone who may be having a tough time
  • You’ll be passing pleasure & enjoyment on to others

& think responsibly when donating to charities …

  • “Would you give it to a friend” – don’t give broken items, worn out or stained clothes, rubbish – you will end up wasting volunteer’s time & your donations may be costing them money?

Rubbish removal can be costly …

  • Take advantage of any hard rubbish collections via your council

Selling items

  • When selling items on eBay & similar sites or at a garage sale, be realistic about the time commitment involved & how much you’re likely to make. Does the profit warrant the time (in the overall scheme)
  • Would it be easier to donate to your favourite charity or Op shop?