If you’re lucky enough to have a garage, do you know what’s in it?

If your garage is full of boxes & other stuff – possibly you don’t remember what’s there – then it’s time to get it sorted & use this valuable space effectively

So let’s have a rethink about what our garages are for?

  • Of course your car, bike, tools, gardening tools, paints & chemicals, maintenance items, etc?
  • Garages are great for storing all your sporting equipment & items you may only use occasionally – thus freeing up space in your cupboards & wardrobes for the stuff you use all the time

Often when we’re sorting houses, we find that the garage is piled high with stuff that hasn’t been used or looked through in ages.  Up to 80% usually goes to charity or is tossed.

Too often I hear, “my garage is full of my mother’s stuff, my grandmother’s stuff, my aunt’s stuff” – she passed on 10 years ago & we haven’t looked through those boxes since!
All space costs,  unfortunately we often assess the value of the stuff we buy but not the cost of the space that it is taking
Your garage is a valuable asset, so use it to your advantage so that it adds value to your lifestyle
So while the weather is good, now is a good time to sort through your garage – if your Council has a free hardwaste pickup, maybe book one to clear anything you don’t need.  Also check out options at our local tip for disposing of old paints & chemicals.
Mary, the allsorter